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Turn Your Inexperienced Marketing Hires Into Effective Pros in Just 100 Days

Here is what others have to say about the First 100 Days:

stewart_petersonNoggin helped us think through and launch a new sub-brand service to a new audience. It started with some primary research, a messaging platform that defined the brand belief statement, and key messages. They built a new website and developed a collateral strategy and related tactics to drive awareness and interest. Just as importantly to us, they strategized and developed flexible templates that allow us to customize to specific targets more easily and within a prescribed budget. In particular, I can’t say enough about the Noggin work ethic and ability to synthesize a lot of technical information quickly and effectively.

Scott is someone who thinks about the task at hand in light of the big picture. He does what a service provider should do – lead versus take orders. If we needed to execute a marketing tactic – whether a print ad, blog, or website – he made us think beyond it. He wanted to know how the tactic fit overall goals and objectives and didn’t hesitate to question things even if it meant less work for him. He got to know our business and brought us insights without us having to ask. And his work is smart.

crystal creekNoggin’s guidance has more than paid for itself. From our biggest project with them, we immediately landed a large account. We really value what they do.

You’re a Business Owner,
Not a Marketing Expert

You need your marketing person or team to be more effective and more productive. They need to think strategically and smart while delivering results that help you grow your business. You need to help them believe in the vision and drive with the same kind of passion as you.

Whether it’s building processes, launching new products or services, generating qualified leads, or providing sales with people who are ready to buy, your marketing person or team should be as effective as sales is with conversions.

We Can Help

No one teaches marketers how to do their jobs. They learn on someone else’s dime and, as the years progress, they become better and better and more efficient. But what if we could reduce all that learning time and help them become effective within 100 days?

That’s what we do.

Right now, you’re doing some marketing. Maybe you have someone on staff who took on the role. But you’re not happy with the results. So you’ve asked around or at least thought about getting some referrals. Still, you question whether you can find anyone with the experience you trust to get the results you want at a price you can afford.

If you want to hire good marketing help but don’t have the budget for someone experienced, we can help you bring that person up-to-speed.

If you think marketing is complicated, it’s because it is. And if you aren’t a marketing pro yourself, how can you accurately judge someone’s skills? You want someone who can properly assess what you should be doing with marketing and how to get it done, and then show you whether or not it worked.

If you want someone on your team who can cut through the marketing haze, we can help you either train that person or hire and train them.

You see your competitor’s advertising. You hear prospects talking about your competitors. You wonder whether you’re losing out on business because you don’t market—or don’t market well. You have no idea how much money you might be losing, but if you knew, you’d be motivated to change.

If you want to know if your marketing will pay off—and how effective it is while it’s working—we can help you determine metrics and hold your person or team accountable.

Let Us Help You Have Marketing Success

Learn what business owners that are marketing well know that you don’t.

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